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SUNERGIS : investment, development and construction of turnkey photovoltaic projects

SUNERGIS, major renewable energy institution based in Gradignan (Aquitania, FRANCE), has been developing since 2012 some innovative and long-term approaches in term of photovoltaic technologies and alternative energies. Its turnkey products are addressed to a large panel of people: professionals, collectivities and even private individuals.


With a large plurality of skills, SUNERGIS is able to propose solutions which beneficiate of really innovative ecological technologies. Research and Development is the principal field for investments, which makes the company benefit from cutting-edge energetic technology. It will soon be able to manufacture its own products, in order to optimize the quality and price of its services.


The staff, which today counts about 60 collaborators, is growing really fast (the company is the 14th employer in Aquitania in 2016 according to “La Tribune”). The head office is based in Gironde, but SUNERGIS can also rely on a nationwide presence with 30 technicians who cover the achievements of all the projects on the territory.


In the upcoming months, SUNERGIS will deploy its innovative solutions beyond the French territory, with the creation of an export department. Its main goal will be to promote our offers in the emerging countries in order to fight against the global warming and to improve access to electricity.


SUNERGIS signed in 2015 a partnership with investor CGN EE, French subsidiary of the China General Nuclear Group.

This partnership foresees the installation of an important number of solar power rooftop plants, representing a potential of hundreds of megawatt.

The energetic transition is more than never a hot topic nowadays and the access to renewable energies must not be a luxury but a reflex to unite 2 causes: the environmental protection and the reduction of our energy bills.

Our services

Innovative, long-term and accessible solutions.

With a large panel of installations, SUNERGIS is able to answer to different kind of problems and at the same time position ecology and innovation at the very heart of its achievements.


A range of sheds from 700 to 4500m², for a power of 100 to 500Kw, which can be used for storage, stall, events, workshops, locker rooms



They protect stocks and clients or to recharge electric cars


They protect wine-growing holdings from global warming which generates a massive quantity of sugar and a very high alcohol level in the wine.


Photovoltaic greenhouses which optimize different kind of crops, their production periods and protect them from severe weather.

Solar parks which product a huge quantity of green energy intended for collectivities.


Roof rental destined for self-consumption or reselling.


To value the photovoltaic potential of the numerous areas of your local authority (building or site) with a customized advice on how to use this potential.

From the feasibility study to the final realization, SUNERGIS offers a reliable advice, takes care of all the technical and administrative steps and is the only interlocutor in all phases of a project.

As far as the financial point is concerned, SUNERGIS’ partner investor can finance the entire construction and will later resell the solar panels produced energy. The client benefits from the usufruct of the property.

By federating technical, commercial and administrative skills, the results are fast, clean and compliant to the regulation and to the expectations of the clients.

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A leading expertise and a mastered development.

SUNERGIS is a fully independent company, in activity since 2012, headed by Catherine HEULIN and Johnny SCHLOSMACHER. SUNERGIS is developing over time throughout the country, and individuals as well as professional actors or collectivities are concerned by its offers.

LOGO EN'RGIRecently, SUNERGIS took a majority stake in Mikaël Ruard’s company, EN’RGI, based in Romans-sur-Isère (26). Specialized in the renewable energy since 2009, EN’RGI offers a large range of products for individual dwellings and for professional equipments. EN’RGI disposes of all the qualifications that answer to the safety standards of your installations : Quali’Bois, Quali’Pac, Quali’PV, Quali’Sol, RGE Label.

logo-qualibois-2014-RGE - Copielogo-qualipac-2014-RGE2 - Copielogo-qualiPV-2014-RGE - Copielogo-qualisol-2014-RGE - CopieQUALIBAT RGE_Logo_JPEG

The leaders of SUNERGIS and EN’RGI are not new to the renewable energy world which makes them experts in this field but also visionaries about the techniques to create and the markets to develop. Their complementarity gets them to offer innovative solutions and always more suitable to the customers needs.

Despite the upcoming drastic development, SUNERGIS wants to stay a human scale company and would like to keep a customer satisfaction-oriented commercial policy.








devoted collaborators

The client at the center of its philosophy

The photovoltaic energy appeared in the 1990’s but really improved at the beginning of the 21st century when this energy source started to democratize.

In spite of the mistrust that affected this technology in the past, photovoltaics has the largest technical potential in terms of profitability and sustainable development. The result is clear: nowadays we are all concerned by global warming and the use of renewable energy.

Since its beginning, the SUNERGIS leading team wants to break with the usual codes of its line of business:

By legally and commercially protecting the client: the classic contract signature process is completed following specific formalities.
By building its team with a technical office and industry professionals, SUNERGIS can optimize the quality of its advice and the usefulness and the profitability of a project.

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